EcoPack Spa Controls

Advanced technology that is easy to use and ready for the future

The standard control system available on an Arctic Spa is the Gecko brand spa pack and topside. This premium-class control system is extremely dependable, and offers good upgradability and ease of use.

Its capable self-diagnostic function makes service issues very straightforward – most issues can be resolved with a quick call to a technician. Heating, filtration and salt water system control are all programmable via the touch-pad topside control.

We also offer an upgrade to our new Eco-Pack control system. This cutting-edge platform is ready for the future with a faster processor, improved relays, an Ethernet connection to access the internet, and features huge upgradability. With Internet connectivity, your spa becomes a portal to all the internet can provide – real time monitoring, downloadable upgrades, interactive troubleshooting guides, tutorials – and we’re just getting started!

Also available with the new Eco-Pack is our Bluetooth®/ WiFi module – onSpa ®. If your spa is onSpa – equipped, any WiFi – enabled device, such as an iPhone ® can function as your spa remote control. With the Arctic spas smart-phone apps, you can change filtration rates, operate jets, stereos and lighting systems. Additionally, you can stream audio from any Bluetooth – enabled device to the spa’s stereo systems. Upgrades and updates to the Eco-Pack spa pack will be delivered via the Arctic Spas® Smartphone Apps*, so your pack’s functionality can continue to grow seamlessly. And, best of all, as we continue to develop new systems, this platform has the capability to handle them all.

The Arctic Spas iPhone app and Android apps are ready for downloading now, simply search the app store on your phone for Arctic Spas and click INSTALL. Its free, of course! Even if you don’t have onSpa on your hot tub, the apps are still useful; they contain info such as the owners manuals and troubleshooting tips. Very cool.


**OnSpa is only available with the EcoPack control system, make sure to ask for it when you order.